Vela Smooth Anti-Cellulite Treatment

Vela Smooth Anti-Cellulite Treatment

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VelaSmoothâ„¢ from Syneron Medical Ltd combines Infrared and Radiofrequency (RF) energy technology (plus tissue mobilisation and suction) to produce a device that has proven to be an effective body contour and fat reduction tool, as well as cellulite reduction tool.

This is the first clinically proven medical device to penetrate deep enough into the fatty tissue to treat cellulite and non-invasively contour the body.

Velasmooth is commonly used for the effective treatment of cellulite and also for body firming and tightening. It is sometimes also used post-liposuction to improve results after treatment.

Results are said to be noticeable after approximately 4 treatments, according to the manufacturer, however ongoing occasional maintenance will be required to maintain optimum results.

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