Semi Permanent Makeup

Semi Permanent Makeup

Starting From 1500 AED

Semi Permanent makeup is one of the latest trends in the beauty industry, it involves using a process called micropigmentation to implant pigments into the skin to mimic makeup.  There are usually as series of treatments which can last for years.

Semi Permanent makeup is very popular in the UAE due to the heat and overall climate of the region.  This form of makeup will not run or smudge and is ideal for women wanting to look their best regardless of heat or humidity.

At Reflection Salon, we offer treatments for eyebrows (microblading), eyeliner, lip line and full lip colour.

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Semi-Permanent Make Up Price ListPrice (AED)
Eye Brow nanoAED 2500 /2 sessions
Eye Brow ombreAED 2000/ 2 sessions
Eye liner natural lookAED 1500/2 sessions
Lips fullAED 3500/2 sessions
Lip contourAED 1500/ 2 sessions
*Indicates that prices start from this amount. 
*All listed prices are subject to 5% VAT, from January 1st, 2018.