Eyelash & Eyebrows

Eyelash & Eyebrows

Starting From 45 AED

Our technicians are able to shape your eyebrows perfectly, giving you a more youthful look using arches to lift your eyes.  We can give you an overall more refined facial appearance and use your eyebrows to bring attention to your eyes.

We are also able to assist with eyelash tinting, applying a special dye to your eyelashes so that you can enjoy weeks of darker lashes, without mascara!

If you would like to book an appointment please call +9714 394 4595

Eyelash and Eyebrows Price ListPrice (AED)
Eyelash Tinting55
Eyebrow Tinting50
Eyebrow Shaping45
Eyelash Extension Initial Application`450*
Eyelash Extension Refills250*
Yumi Lash Lifting Treatment320
*Indicates that prices start from this amount. 
*All listed prices are subject to 5% VAT, from January 1st, 2018.